Leckerston SCO F NO384026 2

East Leckerston 1889 Blacketyside Plan
West Leckerston 1889 Blacketyside Plan

Sc lickerstane

‘Cairn or other stone monument associated with burial’. See Taylor 2003, and Elements Glossary, PNF 5, for more details. Wilkie (1931, 147) writes of ‘the Lickarstane’, now destroyed, on the road from Cupar to Scoonie, ‘at the point where Scoonie Kirk comes into view, near the farm of Coldstream’.

    Coldstream stands on the other side of the Scoonie Burn opposite the northern tip of the field which is called West Leckerston on the Blacketyside Plan of 1889: West Leckerston lies in the south-west corner of the lands of Blacketyside, between the Cupar Road and the Scoonie Burn. The above NGR is calculated from these co-ordinates. The field called East Leckerston on the same Blacketyside Plan is adjacent to West Leckerston, but on the opposite (east) side of the Cupar Road.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2