Easter Newburn

Easter Newburn NBN S NO445048 1 374 150m SOF

Newburn Easter 1819 Sasines no. 12535 [containing Cathrie, q.v.]
E. Newburn 1828 SGF [to the north of OS Pathf. Easter Newburn at about NO449058, though OS Pathf. Easter Newburn is also marked but not named]
Easter Newburn 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn

Sc easter + en Newburn

Note that E. Newburn on SGF (1828) is 1 km further north than OS Pathf. Easter Newburn. It may be an error by the map-maker. Nothing appears at that site now, while SGF shows buildings on the site of OS Pathf. Easter Newburn, but does not name them. See also Newburn below.

    Also note that on Ainslie/Fife (1775) and Ainslie/East Fife (1827) Moorhead is shown at about NO446051, lying close to but not at the site of Easter Newburn, the latter being 300 m to the south.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2