Carmiles # NBN R NO439035 1 55m

East Den of Carmiles 1799 RHP22853 [‘low ground in East Den of Carmiles’on land of Monturpie NBN]

Any etymology must remain extremely tentative in the light of the very late form. However, it is just possible that this name contains the Pictish or Gaelic *cair ‘fort, fortification’. If so, it is probably significant that it occurs in close proximity to Keirs LAR and Chesterstone LAR (q.v.), the former of which contains Sc keir (ultimately a loan from Pictish or Gaelic *cair), and the latter of which contains Sc chester ‘fort’.

    The East Den refers to the den or valley of the Strathairly Burn. On the same plan the fields to the north are Den Brae and Barn Brae, and the field to the west is Crumblies (RHP22853). This may be SSE crumbly (Sc crummly) ‘crumbly’, referring to a characteristic of the soil. It may, however, be connected with the name Carmiles:[261] either Carmiles has, through metathesis and re-interpetation, become Crumblies; or Crumblies has become Carmiles, perhaps through  the influence of place-names such as Carmyllie ANG or Carmyle LAN (for which see Watson 1926, 371).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2