Cleikimin BGY S NT159969 1

Cleikimin 1828 SGF
Cleikimin 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn

For a full discussion of this name, which may contain the verb Sc cleek ‘catch, seize, especially with a hook’, and so mean ‘hook them in’, see Elements Glossary under cleek. As stated there, whatever its origins, it was popularised by Sir Walter Scott, who used it as the name of an inn, Cleek’um Inn, in his novel St Ronan’s Well (Dixon 1947, 83). There was certainly a Scott connection with Cleikimin BGY, as local historian Edward Henderson writes: ‘A hitherto unnamed cottar’s house belonging to the Benarty estate which was acquired by Lady Scott [wife of Walter Scott, son of the novelist] in 1825 as a lodge at the west entrance to Lochore estate and thereafter given the name Cleikum Inn by Sir Walter Scott’ (Henderson 1990, s.n.). The name has survived locally in the street-name Cleikimin Crescent in Ballingry.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1