Windygates MAI S NO346005 1 373 30m

Windygates 1775 Ainslie/Fife [one house at the cross-roads, north-west quarter]
Windygates 1790s OSA, 623 [site of a toll bar]
Windygates 1828 SGF [several houses in all quarters except south-east]
Windygates 1856 OS 6 inch first edn [still no buildings in south-east quarter]

Sc windy + ? Sc gate

‘Windy ? roads’, perhaps referring to the exposed position of the cross-roads at the above NGR. The name occurs several times in Fife. There is Windygates KDT, AAX at NT269904 (OS 1:25,000 1956, reprinted 1964), surviving as the road-name Windygate beside Kirkcaldy Golf Course; and in the north of the same parish, now gone from modern maps, north-west of Torbain Farm (c.NT241933) there is Windygates 1775 Ainslie/Fife (Windy Gates 1757 RHP1710). There is also Windygates CER, for which see above; and Windygates SLO (PNF 4). The key to these names may lie in ‘the Windiegoates’, which occurs as one of the marches of Easter Whitehill ABO (1636 × 1653 RMS x no. 166). This contains Sc gote ‘a trench, ditch or water-course’ (DOST). This is connected with the local name The Goat, which referred originally to the cut or pass where the road from Aberdour to Crossgates broke through the Cullaloe Hills: it has been superseded by a modern cut and a hair-pin bend. The name has also survived in the nearby Goat Quarry. Windigoates was also the name of a landward division of BUI (for which see BUI Introduction PNF 1). It is therefore possible that the various places called Windygates are adaptions of earlier *Windygotes.

    In 1856 Windygates MAI is shown as a small cluster of houses around the cross-roads, but it is now the name of a considerable settlement.


This place-name appeared in printed volume 2