Strathleven *~ MAI O NO2901 1

Auiel de Stradleuene 1160 x 1172 N. Berwick Cart. no. 3 [‘c.1170’ Barrow 1980, 194; see N. Berwick Cart. Syllabus, 1]
Stradleuene 1206 x 1207 RRS ii no. 472 [William I confirms the grant of Strathleven to Malcolm earl of Fife which he made to his father, Earl Duncan; see also RRS ii *no. 559 ‘probably 1165 x 1171’]
schyra de Stratleuene 1294 PRO E101/331/1 [o.c.; printed Iratlengre in Stevenson, Documents i, 417; see MAI Introduction]
? omnes terras et tenementa del Strath 1368 RRS vi no. 412 [see discussion]

G srath + en Leven

‘Broad valley (strath) of the Leven’. This seems to correspond to the ecclesiastical parish of Markinch, for more details of which, see MAI Introduction. The 1368 reference above is from a royal inspection charter (Inspeximus) of a charter of Duncan (IV) earl of Fife (1315 × 1353) granting in fee and heritage to William Douglas of Kingscavil (Kyncauyl’) WLO ‘all the lands and tenements of the Strath within the sheriffdom of Fife’ (omnes terras et tenementa del Strath infra vicecomitatum de Fiff).[252] According to RRS vi Index, Strath is ‘unidentified’, and its connection with Strathleven remains uncertain.

    The NGR is of the kilometre square in which the kirk of Markinch is situated.


This place-name appeared in printed volume 2