Markinchlaw # MAI S NO278021 2

Markinchlaw 1635 RMS ix no. 338 [to Alexander Leslie of Balgonie ... lands of Lochtyside (Lochtiesyde), Milton of Balgonie (Mylnetoun de Balgonie) ... lands of Spittal (Spittell) MAI, Markinchlaw ...]
Merkinch law 1651 NAS GD26/3/248 [duties of lands of Markinchlaw]
Markinch-law 1673 NAS GD26/3/249 [town and lands of Cadham (Cadhame) LSL alias Markinchlaw, with the lands of Rescobie (Rascobie) LSL and others]
Markinschlaw 1675 Retours (Fife) no. 1142 [‘lands of Spittal, Markinchlaw, Sythrum and mill of Sythrum in barony of Balgonie MAI’ (terras de Spittill, Markinschlaw, Shirthum et molendinum de Shirthum in baronia de Balgony)]
Markinchlaw 1690 NAS GD26/3/260 [town and lands of Cadham (Cadham) commonly called Markinchlaw, with the lands of Rescobie (Rosscobie) LSL and others]

en Markinch + Sc law

‘Markinch hill’, it has nothing to do with Law Head, south-east of Markinch. The entries above indicate that it was the same place as Cadham LSL (q.v.), hence the NGR, which would place it in LSL. However, the name Cadham may originally have referred to a site in MAI, or there may even have been two places called Cadham in the Markinch area (see Cadham LSL). For that reason Markinchlaw is included in MAI.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2