Lochend # MAI S NO290040 3

Lochend 1775 Ainslie/Fife

Sc loch + Sc end

‘The end of the loch’, Lochend lay at the west end of a large hollow area which now includes Star Moss and the boggy area around Lochmuir Wood, which are together shown as Peat Moss on Ainslie/Fife, 1775. There is still a small loch in Star Moss, but before the wider area was drained the moss must have been sufficiently wet to have resembled a loch, giving rise to the name Lochend. It lay close to the confluence of the two burns which flow eastward into Lochmuir Wood and Star Moss; these in turn draining eastwards via the Kennoway Burn. Lochend lies north of Gladshole # MAI (q.v.), a name which also reflects the hollow or bowl-shaped lie of the boggy land here.

    OS Pathf. shows a large area of land, less than 95 m high, surrounded on almost all sides by ground rising to over 95m and extending from Lochend as far as Carriston Reservoir KWY, a distance of 4 km.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2