Law Head

Law Head MAI R NO302012 1 373 95m

Law Head 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn

Sc law + Sc heid or SSE head

‘Top of the law’, the law being the conspicuous ridge that separates the valley of the Leven from that of the lower reaches of the Markinch Burn. At the top of the law a cist containing calcined bones was found beneath a cairn in about 1787 (NMRS NO30SW6). Law Head is the site of the modern cemetery of Markinch, named St Drostan’s Cemetery on OS 1:25,000 (1956 reprinted 1959).

    A Sasine of 1797 mentions ‘... piece of ground called Gushets, piece of ground called Oldswell, rigg of ground called the Dales,[234] and half rigg called Lawfaulds’ (Sasines no. 4792). The eponymous law in Lawfaulds (Sc fauld ‘fold, pen; enclosed piece of ground used for cultivation, small field’ etc) is probably this law. It is mentioned again in 1804: ‘... the lot called the Pennys,[235] the Lawfauld rig ... all lying on south side of Markinch (Sasines no. 6695).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2