Brownies Haugh

Brownies Haugh # MAI F NO301019 2 60m

Brunies Haugh 1799 Sasines no. 5328 [in the lordship and barony of Balgonie MAI, the 3 portions of Brunton called ‘3 Lochs, 3 Myres or 3 Butts, with part of Brunton Land called Brunies Haugh, and acres of Brunton Land’]
land called Brunieshaugh 1802 Sasines no. 6206 [‘three portions of Brunton called the three Lochs, three Myres or three Butts, viz. Eastmost, Middle and Westmost Butts, with part of Brunton land called Brunieshaugh & acres of Brunton in the highway from Markinch to the house of Brunton’]
Brownies Haugh 1820 Sasines no. 13284

Sc broonie + Sc haugh

‘A haugh or water-meadow associated with a broonie or broonies’, Sc broonie being ‘a benevolent household sprite, usually shaggy and of peculiar shape, who ... performed many tasks of drudgery’ (SND).

    It must have referred to land along the Back Burn west of Brunton House.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2