Rescobie LSL S NO245014 2

Rascobie 1673 NAS GD26/3/249 [town and lands of Cadham LSL alias Markinchlaw (Cadhame alias Markinch-law), with lands of Rescobie and others]
Rosscobie 1690 NAS GD26/3/260 [town and lands of Cadham commonly called Markinchlaw (Markinchlaw), with lands of Rescobie and others]

This may be a transferred name from Roscobie DFL (PNF 1) or Rescobie (parish) ANG, which itself contains G ros + G sgolb ‘promontory or spur of land where thorns grow’ (Watson 1926, 497).

    The name survives in The Rescobie Hotel in Valley Drive, at the above NGR.


This place-name appeared in printed volume 2