Pitcoudie LSL S NO276024 1 95m

Pitcoudie 1775 RHP19 [‘Pitcairn or Pitcoudie Park’]
Pitgourdie 1811 RHP3640

G pett + ?

This name appears so late in the written record, and with such significant variation, that any attempt at an etymology of the second element is fruitless. On the RHPs it appears only as a field-name, and on the OS Pathf. as Pitcoudie Plantation (NO266022). It must therefore have been absorbed into the lands of Pitcairn at a relatively early date. It is now the name of an area of Glenrothes New Town between Cadham and Balfarg at NO276024, with Pitcoudie Avenue, Pitcoudie Primary School and Pitcoudie Roundabout.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2