Muckersey # LSL S NO260020 2

Mukcarsie 1575 RMS iv no. 2405
Muckersy 1775 RHP19
Muckersey 1775 RHP19

G muc + ? G ros + ? – in

‘Place of the pig-promontory’? This analysis is based on much earlier forms of Muckersie, formerly a parish in Dunkeld diocese, now in Forteviot parish PER (Mucrosin 1183 St A. Lib. 59; ecclesia de Mukersi 1276 Bagimond’s Roll, p. 72; Mukirsy 1383 RMS i no. 745). This latter name is also discussed by W. J. Watson (1926, 282). If this analysis is correct, it would also contain the same elements as the early name for St Andrews (Muchros), q.v.

    According to RHP19 the lands of Muckersey lay immediately east of Leslie House, on both sides of the Leven, but mainly on the north. It may in fact be the old name for Leslie Mains. For both a linguistic and a geographical link with Kinmochtie # KGL, see under that name in PNF 1. It is possible that it has survived, in garbled form, in the name Macedonia KGL (PNF 1), now a part of Glenrothes New Town, on the south side of the River Leven opposite Leslie House.[193]

    The name is also found, probably as a surname, in Muckersies Knowes DFL on Roscobie Muir (PNF 1).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2