Hazeldene LSL S NO233016 1 373 140m

Hazeldene 1949 x 1992 OS 1:2,500 1st revision

A new name and house, since no settlement is marked here on OS 6 inch 1st edition (1855). The buildings are shown but not named on OS 1:25,000 1st Edition (1956, reprinted 1968). It may have been inspired by the OS Pathf. name The Hazels referring to the upper part of a road which meets the main road (A911) a short distance west of Hazeldene. On OS 6 inch 1st edn the road is called Strathendry Avenue, and The Hazels is not marked. But the road is named both as Strathendry Avenue and The Hazels on the 1st revision of this map (1888 × 1914), on which The Hazels seems to refer only to the upper 400 m stretch of the road. OS Explorer (2001) shows both Strathendry Avenue and The Hazels.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2