Hairyholes Plantation

Hairyholes Plantation LSL V NO267036 1 373 175m

Hairyholes Plantation 1956 OS 1:25,000 [reprinted 1968]

en Hairyholes + SSE plantation

Early references to Hairyholes itself have not been found. It may originally have been the name attached to the hollow (Sc how or holl) which has now become Coul Reservoir, on whose south-west shore the plantation lies. The adjective hairy presumably referred to the presence of rough vegetation (compare Birsiemire LAR, above). There is a place with a similar name, Hairies Hole CER at NO405087 (Hairies Hole 1900 × 1949 OS 6 inch 2nd revision).

    Alternatively this is a form of the adjective Sc hare ‘grey; boundary-’, with –ie/(e)y-suffix. Hairyholes LSL is beside where three parish-boundaries meet.[189] Such a form certainly existed, found already c.1335 in le Harystane (Dunf. Reg. no. 333; see PNF 1, 511 andPNF 5, Chapter 9 (No. 39)).

    The NGR is for the centre of the plantation as marked on OS Pathf. A plantation is shown here, but not named, on OS 6 inch (1856).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2