The Common

The Common ~ LSL V NO212027 1 373 260m

The Common 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn

SSE common

The NGR is for the centre of the area. It was clearly not common ground in the 1850s, since OS Name Book (90, 35) describes it as ‘a large mixed wood on Strathendry estate, bearing that name although it is private property’. At this time there was in fact a common on the north side of Leslie, ‘common to the inhabitants of the village’ (OS Name Book 91, 26). This latter has not, however, left behind any place-names.

    Note that The Common is right on the Portmoak-Leslie parish boundary, which since 1685 was also the KNR-FIF boundary. The name may originally have referred to land held in common by two quite separate communities (as in the cases of Common Rocks ABO-BUI and Common KGH, PNF 1).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2