Cabbagehall LSL S NO247011 1

Cabbagehall Bleachfield 1830 RHP365
Cabbagehall House 1855 RHP3570 [plan entitled: ‘Plan of the lands of Cabbagehall, property of John Smith Esq.’]
Cabbagehall 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn

SSE cabbage + SSE hall

OS Name Book 91, 21: ‘A dwelling house, several cottages and a Bleachfield the property of the occupier. There are several accounts of the origin of this name. Mr Doby says the property was purchased from time to time by a Tailor from the “Cabbage”[185] of cloth entrusted to him. Mr Wilson says, it obtained the name from the original purchaser being a Gardener – however it is well known and gives name to a County Bridge in its immediate vicinity’. A plan of the lands of Cabbagehall, property of John Smith Esq., shows Cabbagehall House behind the row of houses on the west side of the road leading to Cabbagehall Bridge and ‘Road from Kirkcaldy’(RHP3570, 1855). All the lands of Cabbagehall were on the north side of the Leven.

    The name is still found in nearby street-name Cabbagehall Place, and the local waste disposal site, Cabbagehall Tip.

    There is another Cabbage Hall in CRA (PNF 3). For another vegetable place-name, see Seyba Hall, discussed under Drakelands KTT, above.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2