Ballingall LSL S NO249029 1 130m

tertia parte de Ballyngal 1392 NLS MS 34.6.24 p. 219 [18th c. copy (1710); Geoffrey of Rattray (Galfridus de Retrey), Buchan, died seised in ‘a third of Ballingall’ in the barony of Fettykil (Fythkil), held of the Countess of Ross]
(John) Bangale (of that ilk) 1478 NAS Calendar of Charters no. 475 [John Ballingall (Bangale) [179] of that ilk anent his temple lands of Colliston (Coliston) SCO]
(half the lands of) Ballingall 1504 RMS ii no. 2788 [excepting their mill and mill lands, in the barony of Leslie (Lesly); associated with George earl of Rothes and Alexander McCullough (Makculoch) of Mertoun]
(a quarter of the lands of) Ballingall 1510 RMS ii no. 3511 [to Andrew Barton (Bertoun) various lands including a quarter of the demesne lands of Leslie called the Easter Quarter (le Ester-Quarter) and a quarter of the lands of Ballingall]
(half of the lands of) Bongall 1512 RMS ii no. 3762 [associated with George earl of Rothes]
Ballingall 1522 Fife Ct. Bk. 272 [see notes below]
Ballingall 1539 RMS iii no. 1997 [George earl of Rothes to John White (Quhite) of Easter Lumbennie NBH ‘the lands and touns of Ballingall LSL and Balgeddie LSL, lying together in the barony of Leslie’ (terras et villas de Ballingall et Balgedy simul jacentes in baronia de Lesly)]
Ballingall 1566 RMS iv no. 1747 [lands of ‘Ballingall and Balgeddie in the barony of Leslie’ (Ballingall et Petgedde in baronia de Leslie) to Andrew Wood of Largo]
(lands of) Ballingall 1618 RMS vii no. 1748 [David Aytoun of Kinglassie sells to Andrew Aytoun his son the lands of Ballingall with its manor, and a quarter of his vill and lands of Drumaird (Drumaird) KWY]
Bangae 1642 Retours (Fife) no. 619 [within the barony of Leslie]
Bangae 1663 RMS xi no. 441 col. 5 [to John earl of Rothes]
Balga 1775 Ainslie/Fife
Ballingall Milln 1810 RHP3595
Ballingall 1811 RHP3640 [also shows Ballingall Mill]

G baile + G an + G gall

‘Farm of the foreigners’ (baile nan gall). For the significance of gall, which probably refers to people of Scandinavian origin, see Taylor 1995a. See also the discussion of gall in Elements Glossary (PNF 5). This forms one of a cluster of names containing gall around the Lomonds, with one other long-established farm called Ballingall # in KTT, the late and puzzling Ballingall FAL, and Inchgall BGY (PNF 1).

    It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between Ballingall LSL and Ballingall # KTT. There is no doubt that part of the lands of Ballingall # KTT was held by Walter Heriot of Burnturk in the early sixteenth century. However, co-incidentally, Walter Heriot, who was married to Grizzel Leslie, daughter of William Leslie, third earl of Rothes, also held the lands (but not the mill) of Ballingall LSL in 1522. The proof of this is a cognition taken at Cupar sheriff court in that year of the value of the lands within the barony of Leslie both within and outwith the hands of the earl of Rothes in order to establish how much tax they are to pay to the king. All the lands mentioned are within the parish of Leslie, and they include ‘Ballingall in Waltir Heriotis handis, the myll of the samyn in George Balfouris handis the taxt tharof iiij li’ x s’ [£4 10 s.]’ (Fife Ct. Bk. 271-2).

    It is probably Ballingall LSL which is the seat of the family of Ballingall of that ilk. Other early sixteenth-century references to Ballingall LSL can be found in RMS iii nos. 148, 1992, 1997 (see above) and 2809.

    /ˈbalən gɔl/ or /ˈbalɪŋ gɔl/

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2