Wormwell  LAR S NO422047 1 155m

Wormwell 1753 Roy sheet 18, 1
Worm Well 1775 Ainslie/Fife
Wormwell 1795 Sasines no. 4188 [barony of Pitcruvie LAR and Wormwell]
Wormwell 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn
Wormwell 1872 RHP4458 [field-name]
Large Wormwell 1872 RHP4458 [field-name]
Wormwell 1899 OS 1 inch 2nd edn

Sc worm + Sc wall

‘Serpent or worm well’, perhaps a well whose waters were reputed to be effective against parasites in humans and/or animals; or, conversely, whose waters were thought to cause them.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2