Threipland # LAR S NO3806 3

lie Threipland 1594 RMS vi no. 177 [to Andrew Wood of Largo the lands and barony of Largo etc. ‘with free commons and grazing in the lands called the Threipland’ (cum libera communia et pasturagia in terris lie Threipland nuncupatis)]

Sc threip + Sc land

‘Land in dispute or contention’. The sole reference to this place does not indicate where it lies, but it may be connected with ‘that white land which was in contention between Pratis LAR and Montrave SCO’ (terram illam albam que fuit in contencione inter Pratras et Math’riue 1204 × c.1214 (?) N. Berwick Cart. no. 10; see under Pratis LAR, above, for more details, and a discussion of the term ‘white land’). If this is so, it may be on the LAR/SCO boundary, at c.NO38 06.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2