Mucklet # LAR NBN

the Mucklat 1660 Laing Chrs. no. 2544 [‘ane fur [169] comeing doun from Monturpie throw the Mucklat to the meidow be eist the place of Stratherlie’; PNF 2, 331]
Mucklet 1783 Sasines no. 579 [the lands of Coats NBN include Mucklet, Magreehill, Lowharney (Locharnie NBN); PNF 2, 481]
Mucklett 1786 Sasines no. 1478 [Mucklett, Magriehill and Lowheorney; PNF 2, 481]
Over Mucklet 1801 Sasines no. 5970 [John Anstruther Thomson of Charleton KCQ was seised ‘in parts of Coats viz ... lands of Over Mucklet, Nether Mucklet, Magreehill and Lacharney, Craignib Park, Hillend Park’ etc; PNF 2, 481]
Nether Mucklet 1801 Sasines no. 5970 [see preceding]
Over Macklet 1807 Sasines no. 7743 [Over Macklet, Nether Macklet, Magrishill and Lockarmie; PNF 2, 481]
Nether Macklet 1807 Sasines no. 7743 [see preceding]

Sc muck + ? Sc latch

‘Miry burn, burn or bog associated with dung or a midden’? The second element is problematic, and the above derivation is based on Norman Dixon’s suggestion that Mucklets, Inveresk MLO, may be “‘miry swamp’ v. dial. muck latch SDD 322’” (1947, 211). This second element may be compared with that in the MLO names Corslet: (1) “Corselet is Corslet 1773 Arm; perhaps v. late OE cros, as AHMC Rep. records a nearby wayside cross, but the frequent occurrence of Corslet, -lat forms in toponomy requires further investigation” (Currie MLO; Dixon 1947, 180); (2) “now surviving only in a field-name, is Corsla(i)t 1627 R[eport] on [the State of Certain] P[arishes], 1665 RMS, Corslet 1773 Arm; probably ‘boggy ground near the river or stream’ ... ‘the Corslet’ is the river meadow on Temple Farm” (Temple MLO; Dixon 1947, 297–8). It can scarcely be Sc corslet(t), corslat(t), etc. ‘a close-fitting body garment’, also used as body armour, so may be ‘cross latch’: either a latch near or associated with a cross, or a latch running or lying across or athwart. The name is found once in Fife: Corslet FAL (OS 6 inch 1st edn), the name of ‘a field or enclosure’ (OS Name Book 13, 16) immediately south-east of the burgh.

    The Largo and Newburn Mucklat/Mucklet probably represent the same place.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2