Montsheil # LAR S NO4104 3

Montschele 1497 RMS ii no. 2376 [to Patrick Lindsay the lands of Pitcruvie (Petcruvy) LAR and Montsheil ‘with their castle and tower’ (cum castro et turre earundem)]
Monthschele 1498 RMS ii no. 2419 [lands of Pitcruvie (Petcruvy) LAR and Montsheil + lands of Auchindownie (Edindowny) LAR]
Monscheill 1540 RMS iii no. 2256 [as in RMS ii no. 2419]
Munscheill 1546 RMS iv no. 28
Munscheill 1588 RMS v no. 1431
Mounscheill 1602 Retours (Fife) no. 112 [part of the barony of Pitcruvie LAR]
Montsheil 1653 RMS x no. 137 [lands of Pitcruvie, lands of Montsheil, lands of Markinch (Merkinsch) MAI etc]

G monadh +

The earliest forms with t suggest that the first element is G monadh ‘hill, upland grazing’ rather than mòine ‘peat-bog, moss’. This, along with its close association with the lands of Pitcruvie LAR, would place it somewhere on the western flanks of Largo Law. The second element is obscure, and by the time it first appears in the record seems to have become assimilated to Sc sheil ‘sheiling’.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2