Ladysknowe  LAR S NO406035 1 30m

Ladysknowe 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn

Sc lady + Sc knowe

‘A small hill associated with a lady, St Mary, or ladies’. Lady in place-names often refers to St Mary (Our Lady or the Blessed Virgin Mary), and if so might indicate that income from the land here was used before the Reformation (1560) to support an altar dedicated to St Mary in Largo parish kirk. A charter of 1497 does in fact attest to such an altar, when Janet Ramsay, lady of Pitcruvie LAR and widow of David lord Lindsay of the Byres, granted five merks annually for the service ‘at the altar of the Blessed Virgin Mary’ (ad altare Beate Virginis Marie) in Largo parish kirk (RMS ii no. 2342). The name Ladysknowe might even be connected with this grant.

    It lay on the west side of the Hatton Burn, south of OS Pathf. Little Pilmuir. OS Name Book describes this as ‘A small farm house once story (sic) high with about 10 acres of land attached and occupied by Margret Tivendal under the Standard Life Assurance Company’ (96, 51). Little Pilmuir is also ‘occupied under the same company’ (loc. cit.). No trace of this settlement is shown on modern maps.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2