Ibracks # LAR F NO408039 2

Wester Ibracks 1785 Sasines no. 1124 [Alexander Wallace, Lintdresser, Hattonlow (Hattonlaw LAR), in part of the park called Wester Ibracks; two more occurrences of this name, same form, in Sasines up to 1820]


This puzzling name seems to share the same etymology as the equally puzzling Ibrox in Glasgow (Govan LAN) (Ibrokis 1580 × 1583 RMS v no. 581 [25 s. of lands (old extent) ‘in Great Govan in the Drumbreck Quarter called Ibrox’ (in Magno Govano in lie Drumbrek-quarter nuncupat. Ibrokis)]; Ibrox 1795 Richardson Map). The final consonant of both Ibracks and Ibrox derives from a Sc plural.

    It was part of the farm of Hattonlaw, itself part of Hatton (of Balcormo) LAR.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2