Balcormo LAR S NO410055 1 374 95m SEF

villa de Balcormok 1178 x 1179 Camb. Reg. no. 36 [16th c. copy; Walter, son of Philip of Lundin (Lundin), grants 4 bovates in the vill of Balcormo to Cambuskenneth Abbey]
Balcormac 1189 x 1195 RRS ii no. 373 [16th c. copy = Camb. Reg. no. 38, confirms grant by Walter son of Philip of Lundin]
? David de Balcormak 1209 x 1244 RMS iii no. 2132 (5) [16th c. confirmation; probably this Balcormo rather than Balcormo CBE; see LAR Introduction]
Balcormoch 1242 x 1249 SHS Misc. iv, p. 318 [Walter of Lundin grants to his kinsman Philip of Feodarg the lands of Balcormo][148]
Balcormok 1486 RMS ii no. 1631 [excambion of lands of Hatton (Haltoun) and Balcormo for the lands of Nether Pratis (Nethirpratris) LAR]
terris templariis de Balcormo 1503 RMS ii no. 2733 [John Lundin (Lundy) of that ilk grants to the parish kirk of Largo 40 s. from the temple lands of Balcormo in his barony of Lundin ( Lundy), with 6 roods of land on the south side of the said church]
Balcormo 1539 x 1540 Knights of St John 25 [‘Balcormo pertening to the lard of Lundy (Lundin LAR)’; one of the temple lands listed in LAR]
Balcormo 1528 ER xv, 661 [Balcormo and its mill and pertinents]
Balcolmo 1540 RMS iii no. 2147 [part of the barony of Lundin]
teynd chaiwis of Bacormo c.1550 N. Berwick Cart. p. xxii [‘teind sheaves of Balcormo’]
Balcormo 1554 RMS iv no. 977 [Hatton (Haltoun) LAR and Balcormo]
Balcarmo 1573 Assumption 145 [rental of Balcormo and Strathairly LAR, to the North Berwick Priory]
Balcormo 1600 Retours (Fife) no. 84 [John Lundy, lands of Balcormo with the mill, part of the barony of Lundin (Lundy)]
terras templarias de Balcorno 1645 Retours (Fife) no. 690 [John, Earl of Haddington (Hadingtoun); followed by temple land of Lundin LAR, q.v.]
Balcormo 1648 Retours (Fife) no. 753 [Margaret Lundin (Lundine), the barony of Lundin, including Balcormo ‘with the temple lands’ (cum terris templariis)]
Bacormo Myle 1650 Lamont’s Diary 22.
Balcormo Mylle 1653 Lamont’s Diary 61 [horses stolen from Margaret Traill]
Johne Lundy in Bacormo mille 1660 Lamont’s Diary 120 [married Barbara Irland, daughter of the late John Irland of Baldastard (Badastart) in the hope of getting the lands of Baldastard]
Bacormo Mill 1668 Lamont’s Diary 204 [Robert London in Bacormo Mill]
Balcormoe 1699 Retours (Fife) no. 1426 [Robert Lundin, ‘the lands of Balcormo and their temple lands’ (terras de Balcormoe et terras templarias earundem)]
Balcormy 1753 Roy sheet 18, 1
Balcormo 1775 Ainslie/Fife [with Mill shown beside it]
Balcormo 1799 Sasines no. 5484 [William Erskine, ‘Free Stone Quarries and Mill in the Mill lands of Balcormo’]
Balcormo 1818 Sasines no. 12271 [see discussion]

G baile + pn Cormac

‘Cormac’s farm’, for a discussion of which see Balcormo CBE.

    In 1818 John Whyte Melvill of Bennochy KDT was seised in ‘the following parts of Balcormo, Mill and Mill lands thereof, and that part of Hatton now disjoined from the same and annexed to Balcormo, viz. lands called Balcormo Mains, lands of Carlhurlie with 25 343/1000 acres[149] of said lands of Balcormo, and lands of Leys, Annfield, Kinnear #,[150] Moutboy #,[151] and a field of the lands of Brankston (Branxton)’, all in LAR (Sasines no. 12271).

    OS Pathf. also shows Balcormo Mains, Balcormo Strip and Balcormo Wood.

    /balˈkɔrmo/ or /bəlˈkɔrmo/, locally /bəlˈkɔrmɪ/ or /bəˈkɔrmɪ/.[152]

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2