Wester Lathrisk

Wester Lathrisk KTT S NO273084 1 40m

de terris de Westir-Lothrisk 1478 x 1484 RMS ii no. 1580 [annual rent of ?20 from the lands]
terras de occidentali Louthreisk 1495 RMS ii no. 2243 [see Lathrisk KTT for details]
(barony of) Westir Lauthreisk 1511 RMS ii no. 3615 [‘lands of *Fairlieslands KTT and the Riggs KTT’ (terras de Fareleis-landis et le Riggis) united to the barony of Wester Lathrisk]
in dominio de Wester-Lauthrisk 1538 RMS iii no. 1803 [lands of *Fairlieslands (Fairleis-landis) KTT in the lordship of Wester Lathrisk]
Wester Lathreisk 1551 RMS iv no. 597 [see Lathrisk KTT]
Wester Lauthreis 1552 RMS iv no. 684 [the shady half of the lands of Wester Lathrisk, *Fairlieslands (Fairlyisland) KTT, Cuthlands # (Couthland) KTT and Darnoe (Darnok) FAL, except for their manor-places, orchards and fortalices]
Wester-Lathrisk c.1560 s Purves 155 [?4]
Lawthrisk Wester 1587 Assumption 14 [teind sheaves of St Andrews Priory]
(half the lands of) Wester Lawthrisk 1598 RMS vi no. 895 [with half of lie Bowhous thereof, and of its meadows, with grazing and woods]
Wester Lawthrisk 1598 x 1599 RMS vi no. 895 [‘lands of Wester Lathrisk, Cuthlands # KTT, Darnoe FAL, Jargomyre FAL? and *Fairlieslands KTT, with their common pasture’ (terras de Wester Lawthrisk, Cuithland, Darnoch, Jargomyre, Fairleislandis, cum communi pastura earundem)]
Wester Lawthriske 1630 RMS viii no. 1528
W. Lathrie 1654 Blaeu (Pont) East Fife
W. Lathrisk 1828 SGF [= OS Pathf. Lathrisk House; also shows Mains to south-east = OS Pathf. Lathrisk Home Farm]

Sc wester + en Lathrisk

Note the extension of the lands of Wester Lathrisk into FAL: Darnoe and probably Jargo Myre # are both in that parish.

    The above NGR is for Lathrisk House, in the western part of Lathrisk lands, which SGFshows as W. Lathrisk. For more details, see Lathrisk.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2