Newton Of Kettle

Newton Of Kettle * KTT S NO306072 1 55m

villa de Neuton’ 1294 PRO E101 /331 /1 [Stevenson, Documents i, 416; see PNF 5 Appendix 2]
le Newtoun de Kettill 1507 RMS ii no. 3117 [‘the lands of Balfour MAI, and the Newton of Kettle called the Holekettle with their mills’ (terras de Balfoure, et le Newtoun de Kettill nuncupat. le Hole-Kettill cum molendinis earundem) incorporated into the free barony of Balfour]
lie Newtoun de Catill 1546 RMS iii no. 3257 [the Newton of Kettle alias Holekettle (Hoil-Catill)]
Newtoun de Ketill 1572 RMS iv no. 2036 [John Beaton (Betoun) of Balfour MAI, ‘Newton of Kettle called the Hole Kettle’ (Newtoun de Ketil nuncup. the Hole-Kettill)]
Newtoun de Kettill 1614 RMS vii no. 1143 [David Beaton (Betoun) and Margaret Wardlaw, his future wife, ‘the lands and barony of Balfour, and Newton of Kettle called Holekettle annexed to them’ (terras et baroniam de Balfour et Newtoun de Kettill nuncupat. Hoill-Kettill eisdem annexat.)]
Newtoun de Kettill 1618 RMS vii no. 1827 [lands of Newton of Kettle called Holekettle (Hoill-Kettill)]

Sc newtoun + Sc of + en Kettle

Later called Holekettle, q.v. Its later name contains Sc howe or hol(l) ‘hollow’, referring to its situation.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2