Moncoutie Mire

Moncoutie Mire * KTT S NO295083 2

Moncowtymyre 1486 RMS ii no. 1647 [Easter Lathrisk and *Moncoutie Mire, in the barony of Lathrisk (Lauthreisk); see Lathrisk KTT, above]
Balcowtymyre 1541 RSS ii no. 4137 [Easter Lathrisk and *Balcoutie Mire]
Moncoutemyre 1542 RMS iii no. 2824 [Easter Lathrisk and *Moncoutie Mire]
Moncoutyemyre 1548 Retours (Fife) no. 20 [Easter Lathrisk and *Moncoutie Mire]
marresia nuncupata lie Pitcoutiemyre 1594 NAS C/2/40 no. 4 [printed as RMS vi no. 94, which mistranscribes this Pitcontiemyre; ‘the bog called the *Pitcoutie Mire’ is a pendicle of the lands of Orkie (Orky) KTT]
Balcutymyir 1599 RMS vi no. 895 [see Easter Lathrisk KTT]
Eister Balcutymyre 1599 RMS vi no. 895
Pitcontymyre 1602 Retours (Fife) no. 113 [for Pitcoutymyre; ‘the bog’ (maresia), commonly mire (Myre), called *Pitcoutie Mire, which is part of the lands of Orkie in the parish of Lathrisk (Lawthrisk)]
Moncotymyre 1602 Retours (Fife) no. 116 [lands of Easter Lathrisk (Eister Lathrysk) and *Moncoutie Mire]
Moncutemyre 1608 RMS vi no. 2028 [Easter Lathrisk and *Moncoutie Mire]
marresia Pitcoutie-myre 1616 RMS vii no. 1392 [‘which <bog> was part of the said lands of Orkie KTT’ (que <marresia> fuit pars dictarum terrarum de Orkie)]
Balcuitiemyre 1630 RMS viii no. 1528 [Easter Lathrisk and *Balcoutie Mire; see discussion under Lathrisk KTT]
marresiam vocat<am> Pitcoutsmyre (vel Pitcoutiemyre) 1648 RMS ix no. 1939 col. 1 [‘the bog called Pitcoutsmyre (or Pitcoutiemyre), which was a pendicle of Orkie KTT’ (que fuit pendiculum de Orkie)]
Pitticontemyre 1652 RMS x no. 33 [Easter Lathrisk (E. Lantkirk) including that march (sic, read ‘marsh’) called *Pitcoutie Mire]
Pittcoutie myre 1652 RMS x no. 40
Pitcontiemyre 1652 RMS x no. 41
(marsh called) Pitrouvie myre 1653 RMS x no. 137
Ballentymore 1782 Sasines no. 375 [Easter Lathrisk and *Balcoutie Mire]
Ballentymore 1797 Sasines no. 4979 [Easter Lathrisk and *Balcoutie Mire and pertinents called the Linlithgow Lands # (the Lithgow Lands) KTT]
Ballentymuir 1797 Sasines no. 4980

en Moncoutie + Sc mire

The existing name *Moncoutie shows a remarkable variation in its generic element, involving G mòine ‘moss or peat-bog’, G pett and G baile, both referring to a land-holding or settlement. Such variation must date from a time when Gaelic was still being spoken in this part of Fife, and results from the name-users emphasising different aspects of the lands of *Coutie (see Taylor 1997 for a discussion of this phenomenon). *Coutie itself may be from G cuilt ‘corner, recess, place set apart’, with a locational suffix, probably -in. However, by analogy with Couttie, Bendochy PER (by Coupar Angus), it may derive from G mac Ultain ‘of the sons of Ultan’ (Cupermacultin 1255 Dunf. Reg. no. 85, Coupermacoutty 1551 Dunf. Reg. no. 573). Compare Pitoutie # SSL, which also contains the personal name Ultan. The forms enter the written record too late to establish any certain etymology.

    The manuscript or editorial error of reading n for u is evident already in 1594 in Pitcontiemyre (RMS vi no. 94), and seems to have produced the Sasine's Ballenty- forms. Its persistence here suggests a purely literary transmission, and may mean that the name was already obsolete as an everyday place-name by the late eighteenth century.

    On a plan of the farm of Easter Lathrisk from 1808 two fields are marked with the names North and South Myre (SAUL MEP 12). They form the easternmost portion of the farm, and probably represent *Moncoutie Mire (NGR NO295083). This mire is also referred to in the names Nether Myreside and Upper Myreside, on its south-eastern edge, named on OS 6 inch 1st edn (1856) between Orkie Mill and Bankton Park (NO305081). Myreside itself is the name of part of the village of Kingskettle, appearing on OS Pathf. as Kettle Farm.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2