Fairlieslands * KTT S NO2708 3

Fareleis-landis 1511 RMS ii no. 3615 [‘lands of Fairlieslands and the Riggs KTT’ (terras de Fareleis-landis et le Riggis), suggesting two seperate units, but see the entries below, 1512 and 1533; among lands of Wester Lathrisk. See Lathrisk KTT for context]
Fareleis-landis 1512 RMS ii no. 3685 [‘the lands of Riggs KTT, which were one part of *Fairlieslands, and one part of Linlithgow Lands # in the lordship of Lathrisk’ (terras de Riggis, que erant una pars de Fareleis-landis, necnon unam partem de Linlithqwis-landis infra dominium de Lauthreisk)]
Farleislandis 1533 RMS iii no. 1294 [lands of Riggs (Riggis) KTT which were a part of Fareleislandis]
Fairlyisland 1551 RMS iv no. 597 [‘lands of Wester Lathrisk KTT, Cuthlands KTT?, Darnoe FAL, Jargomyre FAL?, *Fairlieslands’ (terras de Wester Lathreisk, Cuithland, Darnoch, Jergomyre, Fairlyisland)]
Fairley’s Lands c.1560 s Purves 155 [10 s.]
Fairleislandis 1598 RMS vi no. 895 [‘Wester Lawthrisk, Cuithland, Darnoch, Jargomyre, Fairleislandis’ ‘with their common pasture’ (cum communi pastura earundem)]
Fairleis-landis 1603 RMS vi no. 1458 [Elizabeth Seton (Seytoun), the shady half of the lands of Riggs (Rigges), which was a part of the lands of Fairlieslands (Fairleis-landis), and Linlithgow Lands (Linlythgow-landis)]
Fallieslandis 1630 RMS viii no. 1528 [‘Fallieslandis vel Fairlieslandis’]
Fairlieslandis 1630 RMS viii no. 1528 [lands of Jargomyre FAL? and Fairlieslands (Fairlieslandis), with free multures of Easter Lathrisk, Linlithgow Lands, Clagmyre and Cuthlands (Eister Lawthrisk, Linlitquhoislandis, Clagmar and Cuithlandis)]

pn Fairley + Sc land

‘Fairley’s lands’. Black lists many variants of the name, including Fairlie, Fayrly, Fayrley, Fayrle, Farle, Farinlee, Farnele, Farnly. There was a William Farle of Cupar (Coupir) who was commissioner for the burgh of Dundee in 1459, and William Farnly was notary public of Dunfermline in 1483 (Black 1946, 252). Archibald Farnlie of Braid (Edinburgh) married Euphemia Kinninmonth in the early sixteenth century (RMS iii no. 567).but it was not a common name in Fife.

    The 1511 entry above suggests that Fairlieslands was a distinct unit from Riggs; but the entries for 1512, 1533 and 1603 suggest rather that part of Fairlieslands was included in Riggs.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2