Auchtertool ATL PS NT207902 1 135m

(lands of) Outhertule 1132 x 1153 David I Chrs. no. 247 [16th c.; from Myln, Vitae, 5; see ATL Introduction]
(church of) Ochtertuly 1179 Inchcolm Chrs. no. 2 [with two bovates of land]
(Thomas chaplain of) Vchtertule 1184 x 1202 Dunf. Reg. no. 127
(Thomas chaplain of) Octretul’ 1184 x 1202 St A. Lib. 321
(church of) Ochtirtule c.1229 x 1236 Inchcolm Chrs. no. 14 [with two bovates of land lying to the south of the church]
(church of) Ochtirtule c.1251 x 1272 Inchcolm Chrs. no. 22
Houthyrtullich 1289 SRO Cal. of Chrs. vol. i no. 65 [printed as Holy. Lib. no. 82, which has Houthyrtullech’]
(episcopal palace of) Outhertule 1315 Myln, Vitae [16th c.]
(the rectory of the church of) Ochtertule 1399 Inchcolm Chrs. no. 39
(apud) Ochtirtule 1409 Inchcolm Chrs. no. 40
(church of) Ochirtule 1430 Inchcolm Chrs. no. 49
(barony of) Ouchtertuill 1539 RMS iii no. 2264
terras ecclesiasticas de Auchtertule 1568 RMS iv no. 1828 [kirklands]
Auchtirtully 1573 Inchcolm Chrs. p. 223 [the kirks of Dollar CLA (Dolour) and Auchtirtully assigned in pension to John Steel (Steill)]
the kirkgleib of Auchtertule 1574 Inchcolm Chrs. p. 218
the kirkland of Uchtertull 1574 Inchcolm Chrs. p. 222
(barony of) Auchtertule 1590 Inchcolm Chrs. p. 216
baronia de Auchtertule 1597 Retours (Fife) no. 1538 [Agnes Balmano in half of the lands of Walton (Weltoun) in the barony of Auchtertool]
Ouhtertuyl k<irk> 1642 Gordon MS Fife
Achtertuill k<irk> 1654 Blaeu (Pont) West Fife
Ochtertuyll K<irk> 1654 Blaeu (Gordon) Fife
Achtertuil 1753 Roy sheet 17, 5 [and Kirk of Achtertuil]
Auchtertool 1775 Ainslie/Fife

G uachdar + en Tiel

‘Upland of (the) Tiel (Burn)’. The generic uachdar ‘upland’ is found in two other Fife parishes viz Auchtermuchty and Auchtermoonzie, now Moonzie, the former perhaps, the latter definitely, containing the name of a water-course. The neighbouring parish of Auchterderran did not originally contain this generic, but it had become assimilated to uachdar by the thirteenth century (q.v.). For the derivation of Tiel, see above p. 50.

The headwaters of the Tiel Burn flow a few hundred metres south of the church and village of Auchtertool, forming the southern boundary of the parish with ABO and KGH. This upper stretch is now known as the Bottom Burn.

The 1289 form –tullech’/-tullich is best explained as an assimilation of an unfamiliar element to the common G place-name element tulach ‘hillock’.

The above NGR is of the site of Auchtertool parish kirk (both medieval and modern). The village of Auchtertool, formerly known as Milton of Auchtertool, is c.1 km east of the kirk, NGR NT216906.

See also Craigton, Kirkton, Newton and Walton.

/ˈɔxtər tu:l/

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1