Drakelands KTT S NO293052 1 373 100m SWF

The Drakelands 1755 RHP23503 [divided into the feus of David Bayne and Michael Dall; also shows The Drakeland Park]
Drake lands 1774 RHP23505 [divided into Bayn’s Feu and Dall’s Feu]
Drakelands 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn

Sc drake + Sc lands

Sc drake is ‘to soak or drench with water’, so this may be ‘the soaking lands’, either lands which tend to be soaked, or perhaps lands liable to soak the person on them. On the other hand, the specific element may simply refer to a male duck, although the implication might be similarly watery.

    OS Pathf. shows the farm as Drakelands, and although it appears on OS Explorer (2001) as Muirhead Farm, it was still known to the occupants in July 2006 as Drakelands or Drakelands Muirhead Farm.

    Ainslie/Fife shows at what seems to be this position Seyba Hall, which contains Sc sybow (now usually sybie) ‘small onion, spring onion’. This is camparable to other vegetable place-names, such as Cabbagehall LSL, below, and Cabbage Hall CRA (PNF 3).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2