Teuchathead KWY S NO342029 1 85m

Teuchat Head 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn
the mill of Teuchathead 1931 Wilkie 1931, 128

Sc teuchat + Sc heid

‘Hill (?) where lapwings abound,’ though there is little in the landscape to suggest that the word heid is being used of a hill. It may refer to the end of some other feature: a road, path, a mill-lade or some such.

    The name is attached to a smallholding on the east side of the mill-lade, while Auchtermairnie Farm (formerly Auchtermairnie Mill) is on the west side. The site of Teuchathead is now occupied by a residential home for the elderly, called Auchtermairnie.

    Wilkie states at the above reference that ‘the mill of Teuchathead still stands ... and in another direction the Deil’s Neuk marks the uncultivated acre abandoned to the powers of evil.’[115]

    /ˈtʃʌxət hid/[116]

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2