Plunkie Farm

Plunkie Farm KWY S NO313031 1 373 100m SOF

the Plunkie But 1812 Sasines no. 9512 [‘... Wester Cottar Acre and the Plunkie But ... lying in and about the Star of Dalginch’; note that it is identified as lying in MAI]
Plunkie 1812 Sasines no. 9614 [‘a Brewstead in the Star of Brunton called Plunkie’]

The origin of this strange place-name is unknown. DSL is no help: while Sc plunkie ‘practical joke’ might be seen as a plausible jocularly pejoritive name so common in Fife, it seems to belong entirely to Northern Isles Scots (SND 1).

    The But of the first 1812 entry is Sc butt ‘a ridge or strip of ploughed land; later an irregularly shaped ridge; a small piece of ground cut off in some way from adjacent land’ (CSD).

    It does not appear on OS 6 inch 1st edn (1856).


This place-name appeared in printed volume 2