Drumkathin # KWY S NO350024 4

quartam partem Drumchathin 1164 x 1178 St A. Lib. 259 [for details see KWY Introduction above; this probably refers to a quarter davoch]
quartam partem Drumchatin 1164 x 1178 St A. Lib. 259
quartam partem Drumchatin 1189 x 1195 RRS ii no. 333
quartam partem Drumkathin 1228 St A. Lib. 235

G druim + ? G cat + –in

‘Place at the ridge of (the) cat(s)’? If this is the correct interpretation, then -th- in the two early forms would simply be an alternative way of representing /t/; compare for example the near contemporary spelling of Kettle as Cathel (1183 St A. Lib. 81), which is chiefly spelled Cattell, Katel etc (see Kettle, below).

    Despite superficial similarity, it is probably not modern Drumcaldie MAI, q.v.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2