Auldhall # KWY S NO3402 3

Aldhall 1451 ER v, 469 [from the fermes (firmis) of Balbreikie (Balbreky) KWY and Auldhall]
Aldhal 1453 ER v, 528
Auldhall 1541 RMS iii no. 2473 [to George Gourlay the mill called Balbriekie Mill (Balbreky-Mylne) and the mill land, the lands of Auldhall, with the astrict multures of Cameron (Chamroun) MAI, Balbreky KWY and Ballinkirk (Ballinkerk) MAI, KWY]

Sc auld + Sc hall

‘Old hall’. In 1294 there is a reference to an old hall: ‘from the old hall with the mill’ (de veteri aula cum molendino) appears in a list of lands and revenue from the shire of Strathleven (co-extensive with MAI) (PRO E101/331/1; printed, with several errors, in Stevenson, Documents i, 417; see MAI Introduction, below, and PNF 5, Appendix 2). However, Auldhall’s association with Balbreikie KWY places it firmly in Kennowayshire, and so it is unlikely to be the ‘old hall’ of the 1294 reference.

    Hallfields Farm, to north of Kennoway village (NO351030), may be connected with this name, although this is more likely to be Blackhall # KWY (q.v.). There is also Newton Hall west of the village.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2