Annets Hill

Annets Hill KWY R NO343044 1 373 180m SEF

Annets Hill 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn

? + SSE hill

It is just possible that the first element derives from G annaid ‘mother church’: Aidan MacDonald includes it in his survey of annaid-names in Scotland as an example of this early ecclesiastical term, but on his distribution map he marks it as ‘name of uncertain derivation’ (1973, 144 and Fig. 1, p. 136). The fact that it is not recorded earlier than the mid-nineteenth century, as well as the fact that it occurs with a SSE possessive s, both justify MacDonald’s doubts. In fact the possessive suggests rather that Annet may be a personal name, albeit a rare one.

    The OS Name Book (16, 51) describes it thus: ‘A small hill in a plantation which formed part of Devon Common, in one of the trees [sic] in which is a Trig Station. It is on the estate of Auchtermarnie. I cannot ascertain the etymology of the name; it is sounded Annets Hill.’ The writer’s underlining presumably represents stress.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2