Torbreck * KMB S NO431152 2

terra de Torbrec’ c.1240 SAUL LPW 5 [o.c.; ‘the land of *Torbreck which is between Clatto SSL and Blebo KMB’ (terra de Torbrec’ que est inter Clatth’ et Blabloc’)]

G tòrr + G breac

‘Speckled or variegated (pointed) hill or hillock’. By the unpublished charter of c.1240, Hugh son of Hugh of Nydie grants to God and the church of the blessed Andrew the apostle (in St Andrews), in pure and perpetual alms, half a stone of wax or two shillings for candles at the mass of the blessed Mary, to be paid yearly from the land of *Torbreck which is between Clatto SSL and Blebo KMB. The witnesses are sir Adam chaplain of Kilmany (Kilman’), sir Gerardus the vicar, Elias (Helya) of Airdit (Ardift’) LEU, Gilbert (Gilbertus) of Kincaple (Kincapill’) SSL, William of Nydie SSL his (Hugh’s) brother (Willelmo de Nidin fratre meo), and many others.[91]

    The above NGR is of a point half-way between Clatto SSL and Blebo KMB, as suggested by the description of Torbrec’ as lying between the two. Not far from this point is Thornbank KMB (NO428152), and it is perhaps possible that this name might represent a re-interpretation of *Torbreck.

    See Tarbreakes SMS for another possible reference to *Torbreck KMB.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2