Reskes # KMB S

Reschooch 1165 x 1172 St A. Lib. 179
Reschooch 1165 x 1172 RRS ii no. 13 [= St A. Lib. 217]
Rescog c. 1220 Terrier C [17/18th c. copy; one of lands in Boar’s Raik held by St Andrews Priory]
? Odo Rescerche c.1220 Terrier F [17/18th c. copy; one of lands held by the bishop of St Andrews and his men]
(Upper and Nether) Reskes 1264 Gen. Coll. i, 47 [see discussion]

G riasg + G - ach

‘Place of the marsh or ground covered in sedge.’ It is one of a list of lands, all described as being beside St Andrews, which Malsneachta had held from Bishop Richard of St Andrews, and which the bishop then granted to St Andrews Priory. For a full list of these lands see Bassaguard SSL.

    In the Terrier, under the lands held by the bishop and his men, the personal name Odo appears to be prefixed to this place-name. This is probably Odo the bishop’s steward, who died c.1196 (see Barrow 1971, 111).

    In 1264 Richard of Sticklaw, lord of Blebo, set to Nicholas Milton in feu ferme ‘Upper and Nether Reskes etc.’ (Gen. Coll. i, 47). From this connection between Blebo and Reskes, it may well be that Reskes # is in KMB rather than in SSL.

    It is of course possible, though not probable, that there were two places with a similar name, one in the Boar’s Raik SSL (Reschooch, Rescog etc.), which otherwise has no place certainly located KMB (although see the discussion under Dirdum KMB, above), and one in KMB (Odo Rescerche and Reskes).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2