Redslap #~ FAL S NO2407 2

Reidslap 1782 Sasines no. 374
Reidslap 1808 Sasines no. 8079 [defined as being of three acres]
two acres in Redslap 1821 Inventory of Title Deeds of the Falkland Estate [1914; Falkland Palace Archives; amongst the Burgh Acres, they lay ‘in the immediate neighbourhood of Falkland and Nuthill’; see FAL Introduction]

Sc reid + Sc slap

Sc slap (or slop, slappe, sloap et al.) is a ‘breach or gap’ whether natural or artificial, in a wall etc., and hence an opening, an exit or entrance-way, a narrow passage. See Redhill # FAL for other names in this area containing colour adjectives.

    Redslap Road was the old name for the Leslie Road (McIlroy 2004, 24), the one which crosses the Lomonds via Craigmead.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2