Milltail FAL S NO286052 1 373 90m

Milntail 1740 Silver 1987, 24 [quoting from Rothes Papers; see discussion]
Miltail 1753 Roy sheet 18, 1
Milltail 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn

Sc miln + Sc tail

The mill tail or ‘tail race’ of a mill lade (or lead) is that part downstream from the mill, where the water having driven the mill is usually returned to the water-course from which it was diverted. It is mentioned in 1740 as a place on the main road from Kirkcaldy to Cupar: an extract from the minutes of the commissioners of supply for Fife includes a petition for the repair of this road between Waltree (Welltree KTT) and Milntail (Silver 1987, 24).

    The name in the 1850s is that of ‘a small farm steading with dwelling house’ (OS Name Book 15, 12). The mill served by the eponymous mill-tail may have been Kirkforthar Mill (MAI) shown on Ainslie/East Fife (1827) to the north-east of the above NGR, and represented as Hole Mill on SGF (1828). There is a Mill Dam named on OS 6 inch (1856) with a sluice at NO287051, and a mill lade running down towards Kirkforthar Bleachfield (NO287052), which is apparently at the same site as SGF Hole Mill and Ainslie/East Fife Kirkforthar Mill. There is no mill indicated on the 1856 map, though there are buildings at the site, and the bleachfield is marked as ‘disused’.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2