Lawson’s Knowe Plantation

Lawson’s Knowe Plantation FAL RV NO2409 1 373

Lawson Knows 1788 Sasines no. 1856
Lawson’s Knows 1790 Sasines no. 2549
Lawsons Knowe Plantation 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn

en Lawson’s Knowe + SSE plantation

Lawson’s Knowe is presumably the rising ground on which the plantation stands, rising to 45 m, only slightly higher than the flat land to its east. It was part of the lands associated with the offices of Constable of Falkland and Keeper of the Park of Falkland in the Sasine of 1788 above (see FAL Introduction). It was within the royal hunting park.

    A family with the surname Lawson appear amongst the burgesses of Falkland in 1459 (RMS ii no. 709, despite the fact that there are no Fife Lawsons mentioned in the indices to RMS i-iii, covering the years 1306 to 1546). In 1587 the king granted to John Lawson (Lawsoun), portionar of Newton of Falkland (Newtoun de Falkland), son and heir of the late Andrew Lawson, an eighth part of the toun and lands of Newton of Falkland, with free grazing on the hills called Lomonds (Lowmondis) according to ancient custom. Of his multure, half was due to the mill of Falkland, and half to Freuchie Mill. He was required to build a garden, with embankments and trees (hawthorn, willow, alder and aspen), to make a plantation of trees (ashes, planes and elms), and to sow hemp and lint outside the boundary embankments, not within, in lieu of certain rents (RMS v no. 1328; cf. RMS iv no. 2796, quoted above, under Freuchie FAL).

    A charter of 1595, recording the resignation by John Lawson (Lausoun), portioner of Newton of Falkland (Newtoun de Falkland), of an eighth part of the toun and lands of Newton of Falkland to Robert Arnot, describes John and his predecessors as ‘ancient and native renters and feuars’ (antiqui et nativi rentellari et feudifermarii) of this land (RMS vi no. 279).

    It is probably this same family who is commemorated in Lawson’s Land, the name of a narrow field at about NO245077 on Balmblae (Balinblae Plan/1779), some 1.3 km south of Lawson’s Knowe.

    The name also appears in Lacesston, a division of the lands of Urquhart SLO (PNF 4), first recorded as Lausounstoun in 1538 (RMS iii no. 1877).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2