Grewans Den

Grewans Den FAL R NO233077 2

Greyhound Den 1757 Falkland Plan/1757
Grewans Den 2004 House of Falkland Restoration Management Master Plan, vol. 3 [a modern map, but perhaps using old names, made by Carter McGlynn, 12 McDonald Road, Edinburgh]

Sc grewhound + Sc den

‘Greyhound den’. As shown on Falkland Plan/1757, the den runs down towards The Trenches FAL (q.v.) from the Green Hill on the northern side of the Lomond Hills, going due north down the steep slope of Black Hill, and ending close to the Trenches.

    A den is a local word for a steep-sided valley, as in Dura Den or Kennoway Den. The greyhound was associated with deer-hunting, and it may have been down this route that deer were chased to be captured in the nearby Trenches, toward which it runs downhill, near the west edge of the fields of Westfield.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2