Green Hill

Green Hill FAL R NO223072 1 373 314m

the Green Hill 1757 Falkland Plan/1757 [marked ‘Carpet Grass; fine pasture 212 acres’]
the Green Hill 1790s OSA, 353
Green Hill 1850s OS Name Book 27, 50 [‘it is partly rough pasture’]

Sc or SSE green + Sc or SSE hill

The Rev. Andrew Brown minister of Falkland writes in the 1790s: ‘The sides and top of this hill are clothed with a close and beautiful verdure, from which it is named the Green Hill, and is reckoned superior, as a sheep walk, to all the surrounding pasture’ (OSA, 353). The colour green frequently indicates good pasture, and this is clearly the case here (to be contrasted with the poorer vegetation of the neighbouring Black Hill FAL, q.v.). The same specific element in Greenwells # FAL (Greenwells 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn), a settlement to the west of Falkland (East Lomond) Hill, where Craigmead Car Park now is (NO227061), is probably being used in the same way. See also nearby Glasslie FAL for a similar usage in Celtic.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2