Glenshervie # FAL S NO241099 1 373 45m

Glenshervie 1710 Blair Castle (Atholl) Archives 7/IX/1(b)1 [Southbank commonly called Glenshervie][73]
Glenshiruy 1753 Roy sheet 18, 1 [or perhaps Glenshirvy]
Glenshervie 1757 Falkland Plan/1757
Glenshervie 1775 Ainslie/Fife
Glensharvie 1788 Sasines no. 1856
Glenshervie 1821 Falkland Plan/1821
Glenshervie 1828 SGF
Glensherviemoor 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn [settlement at NO245101]

en Glenshervie

A transferred name from Glenshervie PER; the Murray family had interests in both Glenshervie PER and (later) Glenshervie FIF. In 1622 the Murrays of Tullibardine held the lands and forests of Corremuklaw and Glenschervie, Strathearn PER (RMS viii no. 284); while the Duke of Atholl (of the Murray family) held land around Glenshervie FIF in 1757 (Falkland Plan/1757). Murray of Abercairny was given hunting rights in Glenshervie Strathearn, and in 1747 there are records of ‘poaching in Glenshervie’ (Chronicles of Atholl and Tullibardine Family, by 7th Duke of Atholl, vol. 3, p. 373). The name exists today in Perthshire on OS Pathf. 336 as Glenshervie Burn NN81 34.

    The alternative name Southbank, which makes a brief appearance in 1710, is probably the older name, and refers to the position of these lands on the south bank of the Eden.

    When the site of Glenshervie was visited in the early 1990s not even ruins were visible.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2