Castlestead Of Falkland

Castlestead Of Falkland # FAL S NO253079 1

Castellsteid de Falkland 1641 Retours (Fife) no. 606 [James earl of Annandale, ‘in the site of the ruined castle called Castlestead of Falkland’ (in fundo castri ruinosi nuncupato Castellsteid de Falkland), ‘with the manor place and the waste greens and woods beside the said Castlestead’ (cum maneriei loco, et viridariis vastis et nemoribus adjacentibus dicto Castellsteid) united with other lands into ‘the earldom, lordship and barony of Annandale’ (comitatum, dominium et baroniam de Annandaill)]
lie Castlesteid of Falkland 1660 RMS xi no. 4 [John earl of Atholl, with other lands in FAL, and with the office of Constable, Captain and Keeper of the Palace of Falkland]
Castlestead of Falkland 1788 Sasines no. 1856 [Philip Skene of Hallyards, ‘the ruinous castle of Falkland called Castlestead of Falkland’]

Sc castle + Sc steid

‘Castle-site’. This refers to the site of the earls’ of Fife castle of Falkland, part of the ruins of which have been incorporated into the gardens of Falkland Palace, just to the north of the east range of the palace.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2