Bleashangie # FAL S NO2508 2

Blaeshangie 1710 Blair Castle (Atholl) Archives7/IX/1(b)1[66]
Balshangie 1775 Ainslie/Fife
Bleashangie 1788 Sasines no. 1856 [parts of the Park of Falkland; see FAL Introduction]
Bleachangie 1805 Sasines no. 7124 [‘Darnoe and Bleachangie’]

? G baile + ? G seang + ? G – in

‘(Place of the) narrow estate’? The lack of early forms, and the variation in eighteenth-century ones, make any suggested etymology extremely tentative. The name occurs consistently in the Sasines of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries in combination with that of Darnoe FAL (see Sasines nos. 2549, 6693, 7124, 9200, 12872, 13148); and on Ainslie/Fife it is shown immediately south-south-west of Darnoe.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2