Dennyhogles CLT S NO345096 2 35m

Dwnyhaggillis 1541 RMS iii no. 2256 [part of the lands and barony of Pitlessie CLT, q.v.]
Dunyhaggillis 1546 RMS iv no. 28
Dunnahaglis 1588 RMS v no. 1431 [James Lindsay of Byres, lands and barony of Pitlessie with mills, lands of Hilton and Bunzion (Bynzeane) CLT, Dennyhogles, with several other lands in barony of Pitcruvie (Pitcrovie) LAR]
(lands of) Dumhaigillis 1602 Retours (Fife) no. 112 [John Lindsay (Lyndsay) of Byres, in barony of Pitcruvie]
(lands of) Dunnyhaggillis 1610 Retours (Fife) no. 208 [Robert Lindsay (Lyndsay)]
(lands of) Dunnihaygillis 1616 Retours (Fife) no. 261 [John Lindsay]
Drumheygills 1648 RMS ix no. 1939 [lands of Hilton (Hiltoun) and Dennyhogles]
Drumhaigillis 1648 APS vi (part 2) 116
Drumsaggillis 1652 RMS x no. 33
Drumhaggilis 1664 Retours (Fife) no. 968 [James Arnot]
Dennihogles Field 1886 RHP3313 [‘Lower Bunzion, Dennihogles Field & part of Priestfield’]
Dennyhogles Field c.1900 Lower Bunzion Map

G dùn + G an + G eaglais

G dùn na h-eaglais ‘hill-fort of the church’. The dùn is almost certainly the large earth-work on the western slope of Walton Hill, in Lady Mary’s Wood (NO35631031), which NMRS assigns to the Iron Age (NO31SE 27).[58] With equal certainty we can say that the eponymous church is the forerunner of the present-day Cults parish church. The fort, which lies on the 85 m contour, dominates the lower, flatter part of the parish, in the centre of which stands this church, a little less than 1 km away, and 40 m lower. On the Lower Bunzion Map there is the following comment: ‘No fence divides Lower Bunzion from the Glebe in Dennyhogles Field but a stone 875 links from the Western Corner on the North side carved thus [with the letters B and G on either side of a circular stone] marks the march and a similar stone 665 links from the Western Corner on the Southern side marks the march’. The Glebe is shown as the field south-west of the parish kirk, centred at NO34600970, while the first-mentioned march stone is shown as standing at its western apex. This means that Dennyhogles Field encompasses at least the Glebe as well as the adjacent Lower Bunzion field to the south-west (hence the above NGR).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2