Cults CLT PS NO347098 1 373 35m NWF

Helya de Quilta 1237 N. Berwick Cart. no. 17 [‘Elias of Cults’]
ecclesia de Cuilte 1243 Paris BN MN latin 1218 fo 2v (b) [consecrated by Bp David de Bernham]
Helya de Quilt c.1245 St A. Lib. 283
(church of) Quylt’ c.1250 Dunf. Reg. no. 313
(church of) Quilte c.1250 St A. Lib. 33
de ecclesi<a> de Quilt 1275 Bagimond’s Roll, p. 37 [‘from the churches of Dunino and Cults’; see Dunino DNO]
ecclesia de Quilt 1276 Bagimond’s Roll, p. 62 [‘the church of Dunino and Cults’; see Dunino DNO]
(manor of) Quiltis 1294 Stevenson, Documents i, 416 [part of shire of Cupar]
(lands of) Quhilt c.1350 RMS i app.2 A no. 1288 [16th c. index; to Robert Erskine]
(lands of) Quilt c.1350 RMS i app. 2 B no. 1288 [17th c. index]
rectoriam ecclesie parrochialis de Quylt 1450 Cant 1950, 55 [see CLT Introduction]
Quhilt 1478 NAS Calendar of Charters no. 475 [charter witnessed i.a. by Sir William Gilmour, vicar of Cults]
Williame Ba ster of the Quyltis 1515 Fife Ct. Bk. 15 [William Baxter]
Johnne Robertsone elder in Qwiltis 1515 Fife Ct. Bk. 15
Johnne Thomsone in the Qwilt myln 1515 Fife Ct. Bk. 15
Cults 1517 Fife Ct. Bk. 398 [17th c. copy; with Baxters lands][57]
(barony of) Quylt 1522 Fife Ct. Bk. 246
(barony or lordship of) Quyltis 1522 Fife Ct. Bk. 247
Quhiltis 1538 RMS iii no. 1834 [Thomas Blair, of the mains lands of Cults, ‘the lands and toun of the Kirkton of Cults’ (terras et villam de lie Kirktoun de Quhiltis) in the lordship of Cults]
lie Kirktoun de Quhiltis 1538 RMS iii no. 1834 [see preceding entry]
the barony of Quyhtlie c.1560 s Purves 154 [listed between Skelpie CLT and the barony of Pitlessie CLT]
(lands of) Wester Cultis 1623 RMS viii no. 586
Cult-myll 1623 RMS viii no. 586
(barony of) Cultis 1623 RMS viii no. 586
Cultkirk 1642 Gordon MS Fife
E. Cultis 1642 Gordon MS Fife
W. Cults 1642 Gordon MS Fife
(parish of) Cults 1648 RMS ix no. 1939
Cults k<irk> 1654 Blaeu (Pont) East Fife
Cults 1654 Blaeu (Pont) East Fife
W. Cults Blaeu 1654 (Pont) East Fife
Cult M. 1654 Blaeu (Pont) East Fife [M. for Miln or Mill]
Cult-kirk 1654 Blaeu (Gordon) Fife
E. Cults 1654 Blaeu (Gordon) Fife
W. Cultis 1654 Blaeu (Gordon) Fife
Cultmill 1654 Blaeu (Gordon) Fife
the Cults 1654 Lamont’s Diary 74
infra parochiam de Cults 1664 Retours (Fife) no. 968 [‘within the parish of Cults’]
minister of the Cowlts 1666 Lamont’s Diary 193
Cult Kirk 1753 Roy sheet 18, 1 [also shows Cults mill]
E Cult 1753 Roy sheet 18, 1
W Cult 1753 Roy sheet 18, 1
Wester-Cult c.1770 RHP3649/4 [= OS Pathf. Cults Farm; the name of the map is ‘the Farm of Wester Cult, 107 acres, 1 rood 24 falls’]
Easter Cult c.1770 RHP3649/4
Cult Kirk 1775 Ainslie/Fife [‘Cult Kirk and Manse’]
Rev. T. Gillespie Minister of Cult 1821 [gravestone in Cults kirkyard]
Cult 1828 SGF [also Cult F<ar>m and Cult Mill]
Cults-dam 1845 NSA ix, 577 [a farmsteading with outcrops of coal]
Cults 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn [= OS Pathf. Cults Farm]
Cults Mill 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn
Cults Hill 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn
Cults Burn 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn

G cùilt

‘Corner or recess’. For the element cùilt see Watson 1926, 140. It presumably refers to the fact that the flat land where Cults kirk is situated is partly enclosed by hills. The s-ending is from the Sc pl. -is, indicating a division of lands in the Sc-speaking period. This pl. form first appears in 1294.

    As a simplex it is relatively common in Scotland, appearing as Culsh, Cult, Cults, Quilts etc. In RMS iii, for example, there are eight different places called Cult(s)/Quilt(s), and several more compounded with both G and Sc specifics. This does not include Cult SLN, which probably also contains this element, though the earliest forms throw some doubt on this (see PNF 1, s.n.).

    OS Pathf. shows Cults Farm Cottages, Cults Farm, Braeside of Cults, Cults Hill, Cults Burn, Kirkton of Cults and Cults Mill. The above NGR is for the parish kirk at Kirkton of Cults.


This place-name appeared in printed volume 2