Pittendreich * CER S

1 Pettendrech c.1212 x 1216 St A. Lib. 317 [held by St Andrews Priory, from which, with Craigtoun (Cragin) CMN, the priory pays cains for the upkeep of poor scholars in St Andrews][46]
1 Pethtendreoch c.1220 Terrier A1 fo 241v [17/18th c. copy; held by St Andrews Priory, which, with the lands of Craigtoun (Cragin) CMN, SSL, it had obtained from the archdeacon of St Andrews in exchange for Strathtyrum SSL]
2 Pethendrech c.1220 Terrier C fo 242r [17/18th c. copy; main list of lands held by St Andrews Priory, in Boar’s Raik]
3 Pettin dreich c.1220 Terrier D fo 242r [17/18th c. copy; held by Adam (of Kinninmonth), son of Odo, of St Andrews Priory]
4 Petendruch c.1220 Terrier F fo 242v [17/18th c. copy; held by Bishop of St Andrews, and mentioned immediately after Beley DNO and before Stravithie DNO, SSL]

G pett + G an + G dreach

‘Farm of the (good) aspect’. For more discussion of this place-name, see under Pittendriech DNO.

    The fact that this place-name occurs four times in the St Andrews Terrier (see PNF 3, Appendix 2) strongly suggests that there was more than one place of this name in the St Andrews area. For the sake of clarity, they are all given above. The hypothesis which would best fit the fragmentary evidence available is as follows: nos. 1, 2 and 3 are identical, or perhaps represent two divisions of one estate in the vicinity of Kinninmonth CER, SSL, one part of which St Andrews Priory held directly, the other part being held of them by Adam of Kinninmonth; while no. 4 is Pittendriech DNO.

    In identifying 1, 2 and 3 as the same place, it should first be noted that Craigtoun (Cragin) CMN, which is closely associated with 1, is mentioned twice in the Terrier of c.1220, both times along with *Pittendreich, once as one of the lands obtained by the priory from the archdeacon (Terrier A1), and once in the main list of the priory’s lands (Terrier C). Secondly it should be noted that *Pittendreich 3 is listed amongst the lands held by Adam of Kinninmonth of St Andrews Priory (Terrier D), in a list of lands within Kinninmonthshire CER, SSL. This suggests that *Pittendreich 3 was also in Kinninmonthshire. Baldinnie (Balmocdunegin) CER, SSL, another of the lands held of the priory by Adam de Kinninmonth (Terrier D), is, as with *Pittendreich, repeated in Terrier C.

    There is a Pittendreich, Portmoak KNR (formerly FIF), which lay immediately east of Loch Leven, and which in fact forms part of the bishop of St Andrews’s lordship of Bishopshire. It is however most unlikely that 4 refers to this estate, as all the other 80 or so lands in the Terrier appear to be in the vicinity of St Andrews.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2