Incherech # CER S NO4212 4

Incherech c.1196 x 1198 Barrow 1971 no. 7 [part of Kinninmonthshire; granted to Adam, son of Odo the steward, by Prior Gilbert of St Andrews]
Incherech 1196 x 1204 RRS ii no. 411 [see Inchcalc # CER, above]

G innis + ?

The first element is G innis ‘island, haugh, water-meadow’; for other examples in this area, see Inchcalc # CER, SSL above. The second element may also be read -ereth, and might be compared with the last name listed amongst the bishop’s lands in the Terrier F, Balareth (or Balarech).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2